Application of a Fluoroelastomer



We have running operation with the key-word “Application of a Fluoroelastomer”.
We provide the materials used and used on Fluoroelastomer in depending on customers’ needs.
Our main products are Adhesives for Fluoroelastomers and Fluoroelastomer Paints, we manufacturing and distribution of the trademark of monicas®.

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Our first priority put to feel and meet the demand of our customers'. To feel and fulfill our customers’ request, we know the importance of association with each other, as a person. Within a company, all of us well-known about it.
We believe that through the good relationship with each other, we could toe the line for the first time. Think over that, we make an exertion to work day by day.
As a consequence of that, we could provide good products for a market and make contribution to society, we are all in felicity.

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