We have running operation with the key-word “Application of a Fluoroelastomer”. We provide the materials used and used on Fluoroelastomer in depending on customers’ needs. Our main products are Adhesives for Fluoroelastomers and Fluoroelastomer Paints, we manufacturing and distribution of the trademark of monicas®.
Especially in the Adhesives for Fluoroelastomers, attempt by employing effort to strengthen our expertise as a one and only professional manufacturer in the world.
Furthermore, at anytime, we do customizing and developing new grade to meet the needs of our customers', If we can be of more help, please feel free to contact us anytime!
Also, by providing master batch of curing agent and co-agent for Fluoroelastomer in reasonable price, we could contribute to our customers cost performance.

Adhesives for Fluoroelastomers

For Fluoroelastomer selling at a market, there are no unable to bonding on corresponding selection of suitable grade.
Also, applying to special formulation and/or application, we can do customizing and developing new grade at any time. So, we have tens of kinds on commercial grade now. If provide the environment of the application, we can suggest the suitable grade also we can make suggestion of the formulation of Fluoroelastomers.

Image|Adhesives for Fluoroelastomers

Fluoroelastomer Paint

We provide the Fluoroelastomer paints that have weather ability and bonding property at same time. The main uses are 1. coating agent for metal gasket of cylinder gasket, 2. sealing agent (and adhesive) for the bulge of fuel hoses on automotive with Fluoroelastomer hoses, 3. many kinds of caulking agents, 4. cover coating agent for Fluoroelastomers which has some difficulty for bonding, etc...
Especially, on the coating agent for metal gasket, it can apply all type painting methods. We can provide the material follow customers' needs like for with primer or without primer process.

Image|Fluoroelastomer Paint

Curing Agent and Co-agent Master batch for Fluoroelastomers

There are many Curing Agent and Co-agent Master batch for Fluoroelastomers on the market. But there are expensive and hard pellet type, it is very difficult to handling like as dispersion to rubber on mixing process. We provide sheet type Curing Agent and Co-agent Master batch with reasonable price.
Using this Curing Agent and Co-agent Master batch, you can control curing density and curing speed, it provide fine control on processability and physical property.

Image|Curing Agent and Co-agent Master batch for Fluoroelastomers