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Adhesives for Fluoroelastomers

For Fluoroelastomer selling at a market, there are no unable to bonding on corresponding selection of suitable grade.
Also, applying to special formulation and/or application, we can do customizing and developing new grade at any time. So, we have tens of kinds on commercial grade now. If provide the environment of the application, we can suggest the suitable grade also we can make suggestion of the formulation of Fluoroelastomers.

Adhesives for Fluoroelastomers

monicas® Selection of monicas®

Amine cure Co-polymer
bisphenol cure
bisphenol cure
Peroxide cure Detail
MP-510 Detail
MP-602 Detail
MP-605E Detail
MP-204 Detail

Comparison table to competitors

monicas® Competitor(USA) Competitor(EU)
Bonding property G M F
Heat resistance G F F
Anti Hot water property G M F
Anti LLC property G M F
Oil resistance G P F
Alcohol blended
fuel resistance
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